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While in Prince Rupert

I have to say if you like Crab (Dungeness) the place to go in Prince Rupert is Dolly's Fish Market in Cow Bay!

After the long ferry trip through the inside passage I stopped for the night at the parking lot of Shoppers Drug Mart in Prince Rupert. There was another single woman traveller in a campervan and a couple with a Chalet trailer and a small car. for a quick visit prior to bed time it was like we had known each other. All of us independently trying to decide if this was a safe place to park for the night, were relieved when we saw the others in the same place.

There was lots to do in Prince Rupert. Lhamo and I put on multiple steps as we strolled the warf and the many parks in the Cow Bay area of the city. I will post several pictures of our adventure in Prince Rupert in the next couple of blog posts:

Picture of part of the Hidden Garden, found behind the courthouse. Lhamo liked the courthouse yard for soccer playing as well as doing the business that dogs often do 😀.

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