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SARATOGA BEACH and then on to We-Wai-Kai Camp Site on Quadra Island:

Picture: Saratoga Beach

This beach is awesome, especially when you want to walk bear footed! The weather did not cooperate for the most part but the beach was so wonderful that the visit wasn't hampered much by the miserable weather. Although the rule is to keep dogs on a leash most, if not all dogs were allowed to roam free. It was a fun experience for owners and fur babies! I had time to do my laundry and I had a guest, my friend Sandra. We used my Coleman oven once again while we had stuffed peppers for dinner that night. The oven is a must have (in my opinion). I stayed at Saratoga beach for four nights before moving on to We-Wai-Kai Camp Site on Quadra Island. I had a campsite next to my friend Sandra and her family (I have booked the same site for the same week next year).

Quadra Island - Rebecca Spit

The weather was great for a few days however, the weather digressed in the last few days of our stay to torrential rains and wind. Hopefully I dont run into the same weather while in Haida Gwaii. I will be headed that way June 15.

Photo: I told you that you dont have to sacrifice good food because you are camping. The shrimp was caught that day by our generous camping neighbour.

On the morning we had to pack up to leave Lhamo was happy to lay in bed and watch:

Other than possibly a "tips on campervan travel" post, I wont likely be posting during this week as I am home and cleaning up Plan B for the next leg of the trip.

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