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Peaceful to Turbulent Monday morning to Monday afternoon and the rest of the week😬

Arriving at this resort campsite it was serene and peaceful. I saw eagles and eagle soaring, the ocean was quiet with the tide out you could see the barnacle covered rocks and logs that had washed to shore in the previous high tide. There was a myriad of small sea life from clams and crabs to sponge and seaweed. I thought it was going to be an incredible week ahead.

Remember that screened cover I told you about? It went up slick as a whistle. I put out my propane camp fire, table and chairs and my propane stove for a very nice covered kitchen living area. I had a delicious dinner and lovely evenin.

And the next day it hit us….. torrential downpour for two days coupled with and followed by Gail force winds for the rest of the week. That lovely little kitchen hut blew off its pegs, the table flew yards away, even a full 25gal propane tank was tipped over. I braved the storm to salvage what I could but although the weather is a bit better today the winds are still high so I haven‘t had a chance to see if everything came out workable ( maybe I’ll pull it all out tomorrow - the forecast is for a beautiful weekend).

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