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More Pictures from our 4 day adventure in Prince Rupert

Prince Rupert Port has certainly grown since I was there last.... There was a different cruise ship three of the four days we were there. By the way, sorry for using I and we interchangeably but Lhamo is such a good travelling buddy I often feel like I am not travelling alone. 🤷‍♀️

The pic above is a memorial to all those who have lost their lives at sea. The huge buoy in the background I believe is what they use as a channel marker. It was lovely to sit on the benches and enjoy the view and the peacefulness of the ocean and the birds, eagles included.

Above: An actual working coin operated telephone in the Cow Bay community.

Back in the day (the 90's) when I was last in Prince Rupert, Smiles had the corner on the market for the best fish and chips in town. But I have to say I think Dolly's Seafood Market has them beat!

Below is a picture of various buildings in Cow Bay. As you can surmise I spent most of my time in Cow Bay 🥰. Some of the buildings house current marine type stores while others house history and art. Cow Bay is a funky little tourist area where tourists are plenty when the cruise ships roll in!

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