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Living the Dream takes time

Updated: May 10, 2022

Living the dream takes time and as time rushes by, once again its been a few days since I posted but finding service for my laptop wasn't the easiest. When I told you it was wild and wacky and windy on the West Coast of Vancouver Island I am not alone. The surfers I spoke to said thats what made them live locally and Enjoy the beach in Port Renfrew. I had the chance to put one of those surfers, Mike, in front of my camera.

In any event the last day in Port Renfrew was acceptable weather in that it wasn't raining - smiles. We headed out on Hwy 18 toward Lake Cowichan. This is the road, I almost did not travel because when I was researching it there were warnings about the switchbacks and a statement about this Highway testing your driving skills and other equally concerning advisories. All that to say it really wasn't that bad. Yes there were some serious curves but they were well marked and with proper attention to the road and the speed limits it was a good drive. There were a fair amount of pot holes, but hey, I lived in northern BC for 30 years so that just reminded me of the "good old days".

We stopped a few times, the first place of note is Ferry Lake not far from where we started out. There it was not far from the shore what looked to me to be a Bonsai tree sprouted from a log in the lake.

We stopped at Cowichan Lake campground for a picnic and a wonder. It was lovely there and also unexpected was a war memorial

commemorating local soldiers and the war in Burma.

I ended the day on the Crofton - Salt Spring ferry where I have spent the last few days visiting an old friend.

When I am next able to post I will share some pictures from Mount Maxwell and a "how to" recipe for a good campervan Fajhita. Until then I am headed to bed so that I can pack up and grab the Ferry back to Vancouver Island for more adventure and visiting long time friends.

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