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Gas up before you go!

I know its been a while since my last post but Lhamo and I have been busy exploring beaches straight up and off the North Island Highway. When I left my friends in Nanaimo

Picture: Friend Joyce and Lhamo

I checked out just in time to find a pair of rain pants and some warm socks on sale. It was also a good spot to pickup salt and fresh water fishing licenses, just incase.

It took a while to get to Courtenay where I stopped to have a short visit with a dear friend. I filled up with gas from Costco for $2.04 which is a steal compared to $2.14 at every other station. From there we headed up island, grabbed some groceries in Campbell River and spend the night at a rest area just north on Hwy 19.

This morning was amazing weather, cold but full of sunshine with warm rays coming in the window. The scenery was spectacular along the way but unfortunately as I am driver, navigator and photographer, I didnt get a lot of photos.

Photo of Rest Area north of Campbell River.

Today our travels took us to Pt McNeil where we connected with the son of another good friend. David described the landscape on the road to Cape Scott and advised that further down that road is a much easier way to see the ocean than Cape Scott as there is a 45 minute hike down to the Cape and only 15 min from Grant Bay. He also reminded me to fill up with gas before I left as he had an occasion where the gas he bought in Holberg had water or something in it and he had barely got back to the highway with the car sputtering along the way. I did fill up again in Pt. Mc Neil and then headed on up to Pt Hardy. I made my way to the Visitor Information building and grabbed a few pamphlets to help me decide the route to the west coast.

We found a wonderful stop just outside Pt Hardy called Story Beach. As often we do, Lhamo and I had a play on Story Beach just before ending our day at Port Hardy RV Resort and Cabins. We will likely only be here one night or possibly two. I will want to ensure a safe passage to the west coast. Talking to the people at the Visitors Information will help a lot too.

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