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Eagles on Haida Gwaii

I have always found it calming to see an Eagle. The way they catch the wind as they sorer and their close attention when they are looking for food is somehow spiritual to me. Unfortunately now if I am walking with Lhamo on the beach I don't find them that calming as I am watching closely to make sure they don't attempt to swoop down and pick up Lhamo for their next meal.

I do still enjoy watching from afar or from in Plan B. There have been a couple of times now that I have seen more than a dozen Eagles congregated in one place but of course getting out my phone or my camera in time has been unattainable but I did get a few good shots that I will share with you.

In Old Masset I was pulled over on the side of the road (eating the Halibut and Chips I had just purchased at Sauceys - delicious!) and one by one Eagles were coming up from the water flying over Plan B on their way to somewhere. It was up to count 17 when I finally tried to get a picture. By that time it was too late but i did capture a few of them flying over Saucey's.

Seeing Eagles all over the archipelago is not unusual but the sighting near Saucey's and a sighting in Sandspit on Moresby Island were the two that stood out to me. There had to be 30 or more Eagles feeding on shore just before I came into the village. Once again by the time I turned around and went back to the scene those crafty birds had noticed me and most had flown away.

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