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Finally the rains and the winds had calmed, I was sitting watching the quiet of the ocean, waiting in anticipation of the Orca pods, (yes possibly 2) that my neighbour had seen an hour before would come back and give me a glimpse. When there, seemingly out of nowhere, I saw it . . . . . . . not an Orca, not a Princess but likely a Holland America Cruise Ship with a plethora of people from all parts of America if not the world.

Just a personal comment; who would be on that ship in the 7th wave of a pandemic or is it the 8th? Not me!

I had planned to spend the last couple of days visiting Alert Bay on Comorant Island and Sointula on Malcolm Island. Both part of the 'Namigis First Nation territory and both having a lot of interesting stops for appreciating the first nations culture and historic significance. Unfortunately every time I would get started the rain and the wind would return and I would cancel my plan. Its amazing how fast time goes by even when you are held up in less than 100 square feet of living space. Im thinking there may be a future trip geared specifically at appreciating indigenous culture up and down the island...... stay tuned . . . . . maybe next year?

Its now time to say goodbye to Cluxewe Resort.

On the way south, with all the signs indicating to watch out for Elk, wouldnt you know it, we passed a Mamma Bear and two cubs but by the time I got turned around with Camera ready they had already headed for the hills.

With a quick stop in Campbell River Lhamo had his first experience in an Agility Training Dog Park. I think he did very well.

The remainder of our day was spent on the beach in front of Saratoga Beach Resort. I will follow up with some pictures when I have access to the internet. This super expensive beach front spot I have parked my van has more spotty internet than the most inexpensive site I have stayed at. I think that calls for a 🤨

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