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Below 0 temperatures - Should I continue onto the West Coast?

Its been an interesting day to say the least. Woke up to rain and -3 c. I camped at Port Hardy Resort and Cabins. I was fortunate the rain took a short hiatus while I packed up Plan B, did my laundry (which still isn't dry) headed into Port Hardy to get some intelligence on my intended west coast adventure.

In addition to dogs not being allowed at Cape Scott ( definitely a no go) I have also decided to postpone my trip to the west, as a safety precaution. I think if the unlikely was to happen and I got stuck somewhere remote, the temperature is a bit too chilly for this old gal 😊🤷‍♀️. Just a side note: the people in Pt Hardy say its more likely than not you will have a flat tire and most insist you should have two spares going in.

I will continue to explore the area just not that far west. I was hoping to hear by Monday if there is a water taxi taking people in the area of Cape Scott and beyond. If so Lhamo and I may just take a water taxi ride so that I see the beaches. Stay tuned; here is hoping 🤞. Today is Monday and it’s not happening 😕

Port Hardy RV Resort and Cabins was not terribly scenic but the washrooms and showers were very clean and warm. The people I checked in with was very friendly. There was a marshy area where a whole flock of Canadian Geese had bedded down for the night.Todays adventure took us back to Stories Beach and the tide was out so we had a great time. Lhamo is always very excited to run on a sandy beach. Sorry Lhamo leash is a must — too many Eagles!

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