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About me

I am Leann and I am almost 65 years old.  I live in a wonderful seaside community, White Rock, British Columbia, Canada.  The Covid 19 pandemic has changed life and  my view on travel.  Prior to the pandemic I spent  many years traveling during vacations when I worked and then for longer terms once I retired. Most recent travel was in 2019 where the first few months I was wintering in Palm Springs California  followed by six months touring and volunteering in various places in Africa, Asia and Europe and the last couple of months in Palm Springs for the beginning of winter.  During the pandemic I acquired a new best friend, a Shih Tsu / Brussels Griffon named Lhamo and a 2018 Ram Promaster camper-van. 

I am a dilettante painter generally painting with Acrylic and sometimes in Watercolour.   I am hoping to sell some of my preferred paintings in the store on this website.

My purpose for this website and blogging my trip(s) is to encourage other women, regardless of age, to put aside their reservations and get out and enjoy what they enjoy.

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